Read the following pasage:

All the world knows that since the first days of the Ottoman State, the lofty principles of the Qur’an and the rules of the Sharia were always perfectly observed. […] But in the last one hundred and fifty years, because of a succession of difficulties and diverse causes, the sacred Sharia was not obeyed nor were the beneficent regulations followed; consequently, the former strength and prosperity have changed into weakness and poverty. It is evident that countries not governed by the laws of the Sharia cannot survive. […] Thus the principles of the requisite legislation are three:

1.The guarantees promising to our subjects perfect security for life, honor, and property.

2.A regular system of assessing taxes

3.An equally regular system for the conscription of requisite troops and the duration of their service.

-The Gulhane Decree, 1839

Then, using it as an example, answer the following question IN A 100 WORD ESSAY:

How did the Ottoman Empire seek to catch up to Europe during the Tanzimat period?



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