For this assignment you are going to create some of the pages that will be a part of your web site. The focus of this project will be on php and database access, but you should also pay attention to the style and format of your pages.

Pages to create:

  1. A home page that is the opening page of your site. This page must be nicely formatted using appropriate style rules. You will be docked if it appears there was not much effort put into this page. This page does not have to include any php code or database access.
  2. 3 other pages in which all of them access your database to pull information to build the page. At least one of the pages must interact with a form. You may need to create an additional page that has the form or the form may be on one of the other pages you have created. You should also think about format and style of these pages and use css appropriately.

If you don’t think you will have 3 other pages that would access the database then you should talk to me to make sure that your project is significant enough.


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