I Am Attaching Two Pamphlets One From Gasp California In 1977 And One From The Tobacco Institute In 1980 These Are Photocopies Of The Pamphlets From The Tobacco Documents Collection So They Are A Little

1) What are the main messages of these pamphlets? What issues are they trying to emphasize to make their points?

2) Contrast the two pamphlets–how are their messages and their strategies similar and different? Which seems the most convincing?

3) How do these messages compare to our current opinions about smoking in public places?

4) How effective would the messages in these pamphlets have been in the late 1970s/early 1980s?

5) How do these sources relate to the chapter you just read in Brandt? What points did he make that they reinforce? Do these pamphlets help you understand him?

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