I Have Upload My Step I 9project Proposal You Should Help Me Discuss These 3 Questions

As part of your team project, the second step of the process is to more precisely define how you will access and collect the information needed to complete a successful project.

  1. List the main sources you have identified in your research about the OB topics, the organization, and current practices and problems existing in relation with these topics. Be specific: “websites and the internet” is not enough. Provide links to some of these websites.
  2. Identify a manager in the organization (still working there or possibly having recently worked there) that you will plan on interviewing in the coming 4 weeks:
    Name________________ Email address ________________
  3. Develop at least 5 interview questions relevant to your topics

To help you in your research I have attached 4 documents that you need to use and adapt as you see fit:

  • A short presentationPreview the document reminding you of the team project planning and giving you more insight about why the manager interview is critical
  • A manager interview protocolPreview the document
  • A pre-interview survey templatePreview the document including examples of questions
  • An email templatePreview the document to connect with the manager

Once I have reviewed and approved your proposal, possibly with a feedback and suggestions, you will need to send the manager and email requesting an interview and schedule your interview.

We will then meet for the team project coaching session in week 9 for a status update.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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