I Need 2 Short Discussion Response 1

1)One of the most important discoveries that support the theory of evolution is extinct animals found in fossils. One fact about the extinct animals is that spices that lived in the past are often drastically different from anything that is alive today. Another piece of evidence that supports the theory of evolution is that homologous structures provide evidence for common ancestry. These structures show that their similar selective pressures can produce similar adaption (beneficial features). The evolution theory also indicates that we have common ancestors with monkeys and apes – among the existing species, they are our close relatives. Humans and chimpanzees share about 90% of their genetic sequence. Fun fact; about 7m years ago neither monkeys nor humans existed but instead, there were ape-like creatures that roamed the earth.

2).(FuseSchool, 2020) is a video about evolution. It compares Darwin’s theory or natural selection to Lamarck’s theory of inherited traits. Although in a way natural selection is the same Lamarck’s theory stated that an animal would grow for example a giraffe stretching its neck, and when it had a child its neck would be longer. On the opposite hand Darwin states that an animal that is better adapted to its environment has a better chance of survival in order to reproduce and create a new generation. So, in other words a giraffe born with a longer neck would reach the food source to survive and a shorter neck would starve and die off.

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