I Need Help Homework 3

This week we are starting our final project (Project 3) which is a research essay. The topic of this unit is monsters (real and imagined) and how they function in society. If working on this research papers on monsters (real or imaginary) is triggering or difficult to work with, please notify me as I have an alternate prompt that I can discuss with you.

Because much of our work in the first two units of this course was spent discussing race and culture, we will be analyzing monsters through the lens of race, culture and disability, and how monsters represent the other.

Remember, the goal or task for this assignment is ONLY to read through the materials and then answer the two questions at the bottom of this assignment.

Step Three: Answer the following questions.

  1. Do you have any questions for me about the prompt or the sample essay?
  2. Do you have any anxiety or confusion over completing this writing task to the best of your ability?

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