I Need Help My Homework 6

To continue the theme of cultural borders, I would like us to read an essay by Mexican-American artist and storyteller Mireya S. Vela. In her work, she discusses how growing up in an abusive household and as an introvert cultural impacts how she navigates the relationships with her neighbors.

Step 1:

Carefully read through “Privilege” by Mireya S. Vela. Read it slowly! Read it twice! Annotate it!


Minimize File Preview

Step 2:

Fill out an annotation worksheet for the reading.

Blank Annotation WorksheetPreview the document here. (DOC)

Blank Annotation Worksheet Preview the documenthere. (PDF)

(You can download it, type in your responses, and save your file or you can print it out, write your answers on the worksheet, and post a scan of the document.)

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