I Need Help Please 110

This forum is for you, to hash out your thinking and to be sure that you are understanding her. Imagine you are in a small group in our class, and you don’t want to air some of your insecurities with Yolen to the whole group. Use this discussion spot in a similar fashion, with YOU, rather than me, guiding the discussion and exploring, rather than pontificating. Think in writing. Use a tentative tone—i.e., “what strikes me about her, what I think she’s getting at, the way I understand her is…”

One pp is optional—start with My Question about Yolen is….(what are you uncertain of? Is there anything in Part 3 or 4 that you didn’t understand?)

But what I’d like you all to do is to write a couple of paragraphs about what you see as controversial about her ideas. Where would some people argue back? And why?

I suggest that you gather your thoughts and post, and on Tuesday, just before class, read what others have said. Let yourself learn from your classmates! Help others learn from you! I hope you do 200-250 words minimum.

I will post the pages to read for this once someone can help me.

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