I Need Help With My Homework 245

I need you to use this feedback to fix this assignment.

I have read your draft, you have not really addressed the problematic issues beyond some cosmetic editing.
1. In the assignment description, it is stated that you need to articulate your criteria and explain why these criteria are important when evaluating whether the works is effective or not. You state the criteria but do not explain how they are connected with what is effective.
2. In my initial response to you paper, I have told you that your discussion of Giotto is based on some erroneous assumptions that you have not corrected.In terms of social values, the artworks were ineffective in depicting natural human life and values at the time because the society’s values were associated with the deity — Yes, and if you look. At the frescos you will see that they actually represent the scenes from the lives of Anna, Mary, and Jesus, so that means that Giotto reflected the values of the society as you state them
During the time, the society valued humanism; however, the artwork was religious with a good3D depiction as shown below — so this sentence directly contradicts your previous statement. Which is it? at the time because the society’s values were associated with the deity OR During the time, the society valued humanism; however, the artwork was religious. You cannot have it both ways arguing that G’s work was not effective.

In terms of aesthetics, the artwork was ineffective because it was impressing. (Specific visual examples proving that?) The society was accustomed to specific kinds of artworks; however, the late medieval was characterized by a change towards the Renaissance. Therefore, the artists changed the rules of proportions and anatomy to create a better impression. However, other artworks during the time were not appealing — Again you contradict yourself. According to your criteria, the work should be appealing, You state that G’s was was impressive and more appealing, yet you state that because of that it is not effective. Therefore, you do. Not follow your own crate that you have articulated, Also, when you discuss aesthetics, you need to specify particular visual features (colors used, composition, facial expressions, etc) that make the work aesthetically appealing, This essay requires you looking at specific works, describing it.

For example, you state that greater naturalism indicates greater effectiveness, but using your own logic, Giotto’s work should be effective, because Giotto actually reintroduced the importance of naturalism in painting. His figures are placed in a believable space, they have volume, mass and 3D is emphasized in his frescoes. However, it lacked the necessary details to depict the realism in knowledge. — How so? You need to provide an example of the lack of naturalism and details. Not to mention that in previous paragraph you stated that G’s work was not effective because it was too naturalistic, thus failed to reflect the societal ideals.

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