I Wanna Ur Help

Please write my ideas in 2 pages, double space essay with a better language.

-My Experience on the internship with Opal Company.

-About the company: the company makes Indian deign jewelries.

-I was working as jewelry designer and photography editor and I made few ads for the company.

-Designing jewelry was new for me but I like it because Ii improved my illustration skills.

-Also, It was good for me to experience how to do work that the client likes, not necessarily I like.

-On the working world I learned how to be fixable

-I also learned how to be okay when the client doesn’t like my design and changed almost all of it.

-I was working online.

-It was good for me to work far apart because I am a mom and working at home is better for me.

-However, because the company is on a different country, I had to stay at night for work due to the time defiance. I hade to work at 12:00 am until 6:00 am. But it was good for me any way because I work when the kids were sleeping.

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