I Want Help Please 1


As we read and after, it helps us to reflect on what we just read, to make connections between the reading and our own understanding.

To help us do that with Pedagogy of the Oppressed please answer the questions below. Jot down your thoughts. Don’t worry about grammar or formatting too much. Just think about what you read and give me your thoughts!


  1. By Wednesday, in the discussion below, write down one quote from Freire that stood out to you. The quote should be meaningful and at least 3 lines long.
  2. Then, explain what you think Freire meant in that quote and why you think the quote in important.
  3. At the end (bottom), write down one question you have about the text.


  • By Friday, go back and find two of your classmates’ post to respond to. You can share more insight into the quote they choose or you can try to answer the question they posted. Your response should be a minimum of 100-150 words long.

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