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Week 2 Craft Discussion-Group Responses

Craft Group Responses (four per week) should be substantive (if you want credit) and thoughtful, but they need not be formal. They should be in standard written English, though, not text-speak. You are welcome to comment “I totally agree with you, Jane” or “Great point, Bill” but these will not be considered substantive enough for credit. Responses should expand on a point, disagree with a point, compare or contrast to another passage or text, or explore a new way to look at the craft point. Make sure you read all the responses before yours, and please refer to others who have responded before you by name when appropriate (e.g., “Although I agree with what Susie said about Wallace’s repetition, I think what he was really after was a sense of . . . .” ). Do not simply repeat a response that has been submitted before yours. This would be plagiarism.

Each of your four responses for the week may be to a different prompt, or you may double-up or triple-up or quadruple-up your responses by engaging in a discussion with other students on one prompt. In other words, if you and Johnny get into a heated debate about a particular prompt, you may go back and forth four times and get all four of your responses that week completed on just that one prompt.

The earlier you start responding to the prompts in a given week, the more likely that the discussion group will foster lively back-and-forth discussions among students instead of perfunctory answers to four different prompts just before the deadline.

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