Immormino Vs Mcdonald S Case Questions

Please read the Immormino vs McDonald’s case and answer the questions below.

Here is the link to read the case:,the%20tea%20on%20her%20lap.


1. What happened? (which facts are essential to the outcome?)

2. Who is suing whom? (plaintiff v. defendamt; appellant v. respondent)

3. For what? (Legal rule: what duty was breached?)

4. Who won? (the trial; the appeal(s))

5. Why?


Duty: What you have to do and what you can’t do

Breach: violation of a legal duty

This is a college-level class. Please don’t use any big words or difficult vocabulary that undergraduate students might not use.

I will also upload the screenshots of the textbook and PowerPoint (chapter 1) just to show you what we have learned so far in this class.

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