Impact Of Social Determinants Of Health 1

i need minimum 400 words

This assignment provides you with the opportunity to develop your understanding of the SDOH ( Social Determinants of Health) that are impactful to your chosen country (Kenya) and selected health issue.


Beginning with an introduction write a 400-500 word paper, directed towards a layperson, on the following items:

1. Describe the country and define the health issue you selected in Module I ( Country- Kenya, Health issues; Diarrheal diseases, HIV AIDS and mental and substance abuse)

2. Which of the social determinants of health are impacting your health issue? Be sure to fully describe the SDOH and connect the SDOH directly to the health issue. Describe the global health indicators you are using to identify this health issue as a priority.

Remember, you MUST include an appropriately formatted student paper title page (APA, 7th edition) and an introduction and conclusion in addition to the body of your paper.

You must include a minimum of THREE (3) references. Only one (1) reference MUST be a scholarly article. References must be less than five (5) years old (no exceptions).



Social Determinants of Health

Watch VideoDuration: 6:28

Other Documents:


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (2018). Social determinants of health: Know what affects health. (2020). Social determinants of health.

World Health Organization. (2020). Social determinants of health.

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