In This Assignment You Will Find And Research An Article Or Study That Relates To Real Potential Adverse Issues Involving The Use Of Composites In Aviation

In this assignment, you will find and research an article or study that relates to real/potential adverse issues involving the use of composites in aviation. You may focus on various elements, such as:

Difficulties and limitations in manufacturing composite parts/structures;
Difficulties involved in repairing composite articles (i.e., autoclave ovens and vacuum sealing);
Careful attention to material handling of composite articles (i.e., the sensitive nature of handling composite material without damaging it);
Difficulties involved in detecting failures of composite articles (i.e., fatigue signs, debonding, internal damage, etc.);
Instantaneous vs. progressive failures;
Health risks to employees working with and around composites (i.e., eyes, skin, breathing fibers into lungs, etc.); or
Any other issue you find interesting and would like to share.

500 words

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