You must complete this assignment using these textbook as primary reference…(Eric D.knaap(2014))and you must add reference to bellow Each point with page numbers from above textbook Example(knaap,2014, pg.no68)

Week-3 Research: APT Impacts

Using the attached template, research Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) and their potential impact to Industrial Control Systems and submit your findings within Blackboard. There is no need to worry about APA format for this assignment other than citing your resources.

Note: Chapter 3 of your text addresses this topic…(Eric D.knaap(2014))

Week-3 written assignment: Assessment of current state

This week we will be continuing our journey to develop and communicate a cyber-security improvement plan in our case study assignment for Pure Land Chemical. During week-3, we’ll be developing and submitting a description of the current state for cyber-security within Pure Land Chemical.


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