Information Systems Operations And Analysis Apa Style Reply 5


Information Systems Operations and Analysis

Computer incidents or computer crime in the healthcare industry Reply to each Peer about their post.

Computer incidents or computer crime in the healthcare industry Reply 1 Martina:

For this week’s discussion, we are discussing different computer crimes that have happened within the last year and the importance of preventing them from occurring.

Cybercrime is something that is rapidly growing and is concerning to many. As the complexity of technology increases, so does the risk for cybercrime. In early May of 2019, a billing vendor, American Medical Collection Agency was hacked for eight months. From this hack lots of patient data were hacked such as social security numbers, personal/financial data, and lab tests. According to the results, “…bringing the total number of impacted patients to more than 25 million” (Davis, 2019).

Another cybercrime that got discovered recently was with Dominon National, an insurer. This cybercrime reached and affected 2.96 million patients. This hack lasted for nine years from August 2010 to April 2019. Patient data for leaked such as demographics and medical benefits.

Further, another cybercrime that happened recently was Inmediata Health Group, a healthcare database getting hacked affecting 1.57 million patients. Because of this, providers sent patients wrong letters during this situation. The hack was found in January of 2019 as “…officials found a search engine function was allowing internal Inmediata webpages used for business operations to be indexed” (Davis, 2019). Different patient data was breached like patient demographics, medical claims, and other patient information.

The one thing all the cybercrime situations have in common were the hacking of patient data. One way to ensure that this does not happen consistently is to implement a strong security plan. To do so, a firewall should be installed. A firewall is a system of a software that is built within a organization’s system to limit access from any outside sources. As stated, “Most firewalls can also be configured to block instant messaging, access to newsgroups, and other Internet activities” (Stair & Reynolds, 2018, p.580). So by incorporating a good firewall to your system, you can help prevent anyone from accessing your private information.


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Computer incidents or computer crime in the healthcare industry Reply 2 Priscilla:

Computer crime have always been a fast growing area of concern for many around the world. In January this year, Alomere Health, a general medical and surgical hospital in Minnesota, was hacked. Around 50,000 patients were informed that their healthcare records may be exposed because of an unauthorized access to two email accounts of the employees (Osborne, 2019). Another computer crime that happened in October 2019 was Women’s Care Florida. Approximately 528,000 patients’ records were impacted, which was also because of an unauthorized access, and for months, it remained undetected (Osborne, 2019). Lastly, another computer crime that also occurred in October 2019 was Sarrell Dental. Over 390,000 patients were affected by systems intrusion and ransomware, and after this was discovered, Sarrell Dental spent two weeks rebuilding its network (Osborne, 2019). Overall, this could potentially be avoided by using a firewall and an antivirus software. According to Stair and Reynolds (2018), “A firewall is a system of software, hardware, or a combination of both that stands guard between an organization’s internal network and the Internet and limits network access based on the organization’s access policy” (p. 580). If Alomere Health and Women’s Care Florida had a firewall, unauthorized access could have been prevented. Furthermore, an antivirus software provides protection against any viruses, threats, hackers, etc. If Sarrell Dental had an antivirus software, it can help to decrease the probability of ransomware attack on important files and can also help to prevent systems intrusion.


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