Insurance Analysis Presentation

For this project assignment, you are assuming the role of a Personal Financial Planner and will develop a PowerPoint presentation for John and Becky Warbucks that outlines the basic forms of life insurance. As you may recall, John is a school teacher, and Becky is a stay-at-home mom, and their household income is $60,000 yearly. The couple has a $175,000 balance on their mortgage, $2,500 on a credit card, and no other debt. The Warbucks have twin boys that are eight years old, Macie and Jacie, and they are worried about having enough life insurance in the event that something happens to John or Becky. They have a limited amount of money each month to allocate toward a life insurance premium. You are tasked with giving the clients enough information to help them decide what type of life insurance policy is best for their situation. Your presentation should include:

  • The different types of life insurance available (include at least 4)
  • The advantages and disadvantages of each type of insurance
  • Your recommendation based on the scenario

Be sure to write your PowerPoint presentation with audience-specific language and professional tone – written for the clients rather than a financial planner. Offer supporting evidence and include a reference list on the last slide of the presentation. Proper grammar and punctuation are required.

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