Introduction To American Politics Online Course Discussion

Please reply to the question and comment constructively on a classmates’ posting.


Is democracy and the rule of law at risk in the United States? Why or why not?

You should consider, at least, what has been happening in Washington D.C. for the past couple years. Who or what might you argue has or have been having a negative impact, if at all? In what ways could you argue that the will of the people is or has been subverted, and for what reason? …By?

You may find a massive amount of possible information and argumentation on this.

Try to use quotes when using sources, or the work of others. Reveal your own work… always.

Seek some credible resources. Cite fully, authors, titles, dates, organizations, the usual. Post any links.

Here is classmate’s posting from question. Please reply in 1st person point of view.

Classmate’s post

Yes, democracy and the rule of law are at risk in the United States. We need to believe in a unique American mission. We must maintain democracy within our government. America should always serve as a model of the meaning of democracy. Everyones life should be better and have a given opportunity to advance regardless of their social class or race. Every human being should be treated as equal. We all have to believe in something positive. Having hope will make us better as a whole. America is a country that other countries look up to. According to Undderstanding American Politics, “Social democrats focus in the good of the whole society and envision a system under which all people will be equal economically and politically.” (Bressler et al. 2020). Democracy itself is a mixe with the rule of law. People rule only through laws of their democractically accountable representatives.( Gowder, Feb. 3, 2017). To defend the rule of law is to defend our constitutional democracy. According to Paul Gowder, “The election of Donald Trump raises serious worries about the future of the rule of law in the United States.” Paul Gowder, Feb. 2017.

Work Cited

Bressler/Friedrich et al. “Understanding American Politics.” pp. 119-121. 2020.

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Niskanen Center Feb. 3 2017.

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