Introduction To American Politics West Ch One

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West: Ch. ONE: “Mistrust” p9

oThe Reagan Revolution 10

oThe Clinton Period 17

Be sure to read carefully. Just aim to understand and digest material and thoughts. No need to memorize anything.

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Cite pages. Always cite pages. Who will be first?

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Classmate’s post

I believe West was comparing how both parties have and will always be divided, fighting against each other, pointing flaws, and preventing true resolutions.

For example division within congress, During Reagan’s presidency, West said Reagan, “would force Democrats to shift to the center and allow republicans to pursue an even more conservative policy agenda” (pg. 15). There was no room for the Democrats to compromise their party’s views because as West said Reagan tilted, “American politics in a conservative direction” (Pg. 15).

During Clinton’s Presidency West said Conservatives made it hard for Clinton to succeed. An example would be when Clinton made health care a priority during his presidency but, “Republicans attacked the plan as a federal takeover of health care and a big bureaucracy..” (Pg. 18).

Another example would be the division within the people. During Reagan’s presidency conservatives such as his family and his father adored Reagan (Pg. 15). Other people such as his University peers and students may have seen him as a threat and manipulative (Pg 15,16).

During Clinton’s Presidency, liberals adored him but conservatives hated him (Pg. 17). Since Clinton wanted to reform many issues such as health care, gun control, and taxes; Conservatives were outraged and fought back (Pg. 19).

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