Jrn 4403 Wrap Stories

It’s a news sandwich!

A “wrap” is called a “soundbite” in TV; in radio we call the inserted interview excerpt or quote an “actuality”.You are to make a news sandwich. You introduce the topic in the first sentence, cue the pre-recorded quote/actuality, and follow it with a concluding statement. This can also be called a “donut”.

Here’s an example:

“This is Doc Kirby for Wiregrass Radio News. One of the most contentious aspects of university life is parking. Many students complain about the number of places at their residency hall, or lack of proximity parking at lecture halls. Dean of Student Affairs Dr. Herb Reeves comments,

(Actuality–“It’s not really a question of parking, it’s a question of convenience.”)

The contention could be the definition of “convenience”. We’ll talk with Troy University Chief of Police John Mike McCall during the 7 AM news tomorrow about the issue of reasonable convenience in parking on main campus, here on Wiregrass Radio. I’m Doc Kirby reporting.”

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