Kick Off Meeting Agenda 1

Instructions: You are in charge of the Kick Off meeting for your Business Case project. You will be planning and facilitating the Kick Off meeting. This exercise requires you to copy and paste your Business Case below(pasted ) . You will then design a comprehensive agenda to provide guidance and oversight for the Kick Off meeting. This should be a detailed meeting agenda based upon examples available within the textbook or through other resources. The agenda needs to be specific to your project and not include general information that is not descriptive, detailed or directly applicable to your project.(provide 250 words)

Business Case:

The “Las Vegas Convention Center people mover” project will solve the congestion problem and provide rapid, safe, comfortable transportation. It is a $52.5 million underground project to transport 4,400 people at once per hour using two channels between exhibit halls at an expanded Las Vegas Convention Center through a 1.5 mile-long underground tunnel. Each vehicle will carry up to 16 peoples, and it will change the face of transportation in Southern Nevada. The project will be based on the concept of utilizing the underground people mover and proposed to be complete by January 2021. The project can be expanded in the future and link throughout Las Vegas, such as Downtown Las Vegas, Las Vegas Strip, McCarran International Airport and beyond.

Kick-Off Meeting Agenda:

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