Link Paper

Connect the information from the research article to concepts that are addressed in the textbook and/or lecture. Back up what you saw in the article by discussing it with language from Biological Psychology to demonstrate your deeper level of understanding and knowledge of the topic. It may require you to do some independent research to be more thorough in your explanations.This is your opportunity to demonstrate that you GET IT, even if it’s only one topic within the course. Don’t reiterate the article or your summary. Use it as a jumping off point to become more involved in the topic that the article is related to.Submit a three to four page, typed, double-spaced, stapled paper. By three pages, that means three complete pages of writing, not some writing on the third page.What do you turn in?Your typed printed paper may be submitted directly to Canvas.  This final part of the project is worth a total of 100 possible points.Please see attachment of article and summary which was submitted prior


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