Literature Of Childhood And Adolescence Quiz 1

I have a quiz I need help with it. I have attached some course documents. I have two hours to complete the quiz and it is only 8 questions.


1- What is a motif in folktales?

2- So when she reached home, and had gone to bed, it was the same as before. A man came and lay down beside her; but in the middle of the night, when she heard that he was fast asleep, she got up and lit the candle. She let the light shine on him, and saw that he was the most handsome prince one ever set eyes on. She fell so deeply in love with him, that she thought she couldn’t live if she didn’t give him a kiss at once.

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3- As she washed her face and hands, she felt happier than she had in a long time. She was not going to have to marry Therandil, and sorting a dragon’s treasure sounded far more interesting than dancing or embroidery. She was even going to learn some magic!

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4- Who are the major character types in fairy tales?

5- Does the version of “Little Red Riding Hood” by Charles Perrault use single or double address?

6- “The Improper Princess” uses

No answer text provided.

No answer text provided.

Dual address

Double address

7- The line “Ring around a rosy” best demonstrates




No answer text provided

8- In “The Improper Princess,” Cimorene finds out that her knowledge of Latin will be useful for:

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