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Racial Profiling (POST)

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Before posting, make sure you watch the Racial Profiling video in our module this week and read pages 72-75 in the textbook.

First, describe the study that was conducted as discussed in the video. What was the purpose of the study? How was it conducted? And what were the results?

What do the results tell us about human nature and racial profiling?

According to the textbook, in a report released in April 2005 about racial profiling, found that White, Black and Hispanic drivers were pulled over roughly an equal number of times, but that once they were pulled over, what differences were noted? Which groups were searched more than whites? Were the gaps notable between groups? Did the authors state why there were differences?

Knowing what we know about human nature, racial profiling, and implicit bias, can you explain why the 2005 study showed the differences in treatment of minorities compared to whites?

What can we do to stop or at least minimize racial profiling?

BOOK: multiculturalism crime and criminal justice pages 72-75

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