Man4162 Writing Assignment

Many organizations have discovered the power of using social media in their marketing and sales initiatives. Not only can they receive and give customer feedback quickly, but they can also promote their products, services, and events. To research this further, Read the Open Source Zembik (2014) article Social media as a source of knowledge for customers and enterprises.

Briefly address the topics below in a 500-word written assignment. Cite other journal references available in the Reference Article module, or in the PBSC library databases, where appropriate. Use standard APA format, provide proper in-text citations for all references, and place a reference list at the end. Do NOT copy and paste material directly from the articles. See grading scale for further information. To submit, select the Written Assignment link, attach your document file, then select Submit.

Section I – Use a Level 1 heading: Defining Social Media.

Define the term Social Media (SM) as described in the Zembic article and cite examples.

Section II – Use a Level 1 heading: SM versus Traditional Media.

Explain how SM differs from traditional media according to the author, and cite examples.

Section III – Use a Level 1 heading: Customer Knowledge Categories.

Discuss three categories of customer knowledge (about-from-for customers) explained in the article and describe how each category can improve customer relations.

Section IV-Use a Level 1 heading: Promoting an organization through media relations. (Refer back to Lucas’ Trending Now in Part 1 of Chapter 1 and this Zembic article).

Based on Zembic’s analysis, demonstrate your skill at promoting an organization through media relations. To accomplish this, propose a media strategy that you, as an entrepreneur for a new startup, would employ to promote your new business while you build customer relationships. Discuss strengths, weakness, and challenges with your strategy.

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