Microbiology Answer The Following Prompt On Structural Differences Between Gram Negative And Gram Positive Bacteria


This discussion board aims to explore proper microscopy and staining procedures to accurately identify microbiological organisms for the purpose of treatment with antimicrobial therapy.


  • Identify the architecture of a prokaryotic cell and its associated structures for identification.
  • Compare and contrast the unique characteristics of Gram-negative and Gram-positive bacteria.


Step 1: Respond to the following prompt.

  • Using your understanding of the structural differences between Gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria, answer the following question:
    • You have been diagnosed with bacterial pneumonia caused by streptococcus pneumoniae . Are you dealing with a Gram-negative or Gram-positive microorganism? In the doctors office they took a sputum sample and tested it using the gram stain to properly identify it. What color did the gram stain produce? Your doctor writes you a prescription for cetriaxone to treat the infection, and you note that you were given the same prescription last year. Remembering that you have some antibiotics left over from the previous prescription at home, you decide not to fill it. Instead, you take the remainder of your previous prescription antibiotic. How could that have been partially responsible for your condition now and why might taking the old antibiotic not be a good idea? What should you do instead?

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