Mock Proposal Final Submission 1

Mock Proposal – Final Submission

This final product will be a culmination of all the content you have learned in this course across non-profit development and management. This includes using content developed during the discussion boards, completing a Strategic Action Plan (Logic Model) summary, and an Executive Summary introduction.

Use the Mock Proposal Template provided. Use the Mock Proposal Template. Be sure to apply careful consideration to critique and suggestions by peers.

Next, complete Section 11: A Strategic Action Plan (Logic Model). The aim of this section is to integrate all strategies developed across previous sections into a cohesive and balanced plan of highly-focused action that will achieve the overarching purpose of this Strategic Non-profit Business Plan. Use the directions in section 11 of the Mock Proposal Template for further clarification.

Finally, write the Executive Summary. The Executive Summary is the last section of the business plan to be written. However, it is placed at the beginning of the proposal. The Executive Summary must be limited to 2–3 pages. In essence, it is a distillation of the overall business plan into a ‘hard hitting’, concise summary of key performance targets and initiatives. Use the directions in the Mock Proposal Template for further clarification.

Your final submission must have a minimum of 10 unique scholarly references and be in current AMA Format. This includes peer-reviewed journals or government reports. Do not include websites, dictionaries, or other types of popular media.

Check your proposal. Be sure you have deleted any supplemental questions, directions, information, or content not needed or used. Check grammar, spelling, and professional writing. Be sure you have clearly addressed all 11 sections and the Executive Summary.

Submit the Mock Proposal – Final Submission by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Friday of Module/Week 8.

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