Nag B Nav Puth Discussions


Today, Social Networking and Social Analytics are heavily used by businesses and companies externally for the marketing of products and services to their customers and customer feedback. How can Social Networking and Social Analytics implemented within a workforce for collaboration and knowledge sharing be useful? What are some of the pros and cons?


  1. Discuss what ethical leadership is and how it impacts the organizational culture.
  2. What are the various dimensions of ethical leadership?
  3. Note some failures in ethical leadership, please find an example, explain the failure and note possible solutions to fix the issue with leadership.


A number of clustering algorithms have been developed across any number of domains for various purposes. In this discussion you will discuss which algorithm you apply to a domain of your choice.

In your opening post you will declare your domain choice, identify the clustering algorithm, and explain why you choose that algorithm for that domain.

Hint: The type of data, cluster and application will aid in your choice of clustering algorithm.

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