Need 100 Word Response On Each Task

Response 1:

David Anderson

Sat at 6:14 PM

Good afternoon Stephenpaul,

You have defiantly covered how implementing a system can benefit a company, making an identified issue efficient. I would think some of the requirements identified should be the following:

  • The system must receive orders.
  • The system must provide current inventory.
  • The system must provide real time deficiencies with current inventory.
  • The system must receive expected time or order arrival date.
  • The system must provide date order was made.

It really is interesting how many requirements the system must incorporate for the system to be efficient. Stephanpaul in your opinion do you think implementing a system that is COT would be better than building one to suit the company’s needs. Personally, I think the biggest factors to consider would be the long-term investment and how much money would be saved by implementing a system immediately compared to the time it would take to actually develop and implement (Return on Investment).

Response 2:

Sheree Lapointe

yesterday at 12:04 PM

Last edited: Sunday, September 20, 2020 12:05 PM EDT


When ordering supplies it’s very important to get those supplies on time to whomever ordered them. I know it can be annoying when supplies are ordered by the ordering system is broken. At times, these supplies that are being ordered are crucial in ensuring they to whomever on time. I like how you implemented a process where it can be easier and more helpful for the person ordering. Any systems in place that are beneficial to the ordering process should be adhered to.

I like how David broke this scenario down a little more. It helps the reader understand exactly the user process and where the disconnect may have been so there can be improvements. I believe at the end of the process there should be a survey, so the suppliers can understand where they need to improve. If a shipping company is lacking on certain processes they risk not being in business very long. However, overall good process and I hope there is some better solution to the ordering process.


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