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Students will complete this assignment by writing an essay that responds to an assigned text. Students will use what they have read to support or illustrate their own position (agreement, disagreement, extension) rather than writing an essay focused on describing the work of another writer. Successful completion of this assignment will require students to (1) develop their own position, (2) express that position clearly and persuasively, and (3) demonstrate a connection—with quotation, paraphrase, or summary—between their position and that of the author(s) whose writing they are analyzing.

Write an analytical response that presents your argument for confronting the problem of establishing and protecting freedom of speech on college campuses. Your essay may use personal experiences for support, but at least PART of support or elaboration in this essay must be drawn from one of the essays we have read on the subject of free speech. The essays to be used for this assignment are:

“Colleges Have No Right to Limit Students’ Free Speech” from Time by Cliff Maloney, Jr. – which is attached

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