No Specific Question Please Respond To The 2 Discussion Posts As Directed 150 200 Words Each

HI253: Medical Coding

Topic 1: PCS Obstetrical Procedure Coding

Review the ICD-10-PCS Obstetrics Section (Section 1) in the manual. Identify and describe 3 different obstetrical procedures, including the correct PCS codes.

Participation Expectations: Your main post to the discussion should contain at least 150 words, with no more than 10% quoting, and cite any sources used on a reference list following APA format.

SC121: Human A & P

Topic 2: The Nervous System

Nervous system tissue contains two groups of cells: neuroglia and neurons. Neuroglial cells provide many essential functions to help keep the nervous system running efficiently. Neurons form the structural and functional foundation of the nervous system as they have the important job of transmitting signals throughout the body. Additionally, when damage occurs to a neuron due to disease or injury, signals cannot be transmitted, and paralysis can occur.

You will be assigned the neuroglial cell called Ependymal cells

THEN, do some additional research, and answer the following questions below for both neuroglia and neurons.

  • Which neuroglial cell was assigned to you and what is the function of this cell?
  • What would happen if your assigned neuroglial cells were destroyed or became dysfunctional – what effect would there be to the nervous system? Could it lead to a disorder or disease? If so, what?
  • Neurons transmit impulses via the release of neurotransmitters. Choose one type of neurotransmitter and briefly discuss its role in the nervous system.
  • Research a nerve regeneration study (e.g., using University Library, Google Scholar). In 2–3 sentences, summarize the study including its outcomes. What are your thoughts on nerve regeneration – do you think this is something you will see in your lifetime? Why or why not?

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