Obesity And Overweight Have Become The Most Prevalent Nutritional Problems In The World Putting An Increased Burden On The Health Care System Al Shehri F S Moqbel M M Al Khaldi Y M Al Shahrani A M Abu Me

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Obesity and overweight have become the most prevalent nutritional problems in the world putting an increased burden on the health care system”.

Al-Shehri, F. S., Moqbel, M. M., Al-Khaldi, Y. M., Al-Shahrani, A. M., Abu-Melha, W. S., Alqahtani, A. R., … & Saeedi, M. Y. (2016). Prevention and management of obesity: Saudi guideline update. Saudi Journal of obesity, 4(1), 25.

Discuss some of the interventions to tackle obesity in children and adolescents.


Your response should be a minimum of 5sentences but should not exceed 250 words. Appropriately cite any of the references that you use to fully answer the questions. use APA STYLE

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