Occupations Research Assignment Instructions

1. Review your Strong Interest Survey Results

2. Explore ONET: https://www.onetonline.org (Links to an external site.) and identify the occupations that align with your results and/or interests.

NOTE: If you are interested in different sectors such as health care (clinical occupations such as MD, Physician Assistant, Nurse, etc.) you are free to explore in those areas but I encourage you to look out for “prevention” type focus where you will be able to apply your public health education. For example, there is a Preventive Medicine field. You can also be a Public Health Nurse and work in Education.

3. Research jobs using various online job search sites and select TWO job descriptions but no more than three that align with your survey results and/or interests. Try to pick at least one that is for a position in a company/organization that is in a different sector (i.e. education, nonprofit social services, business, law, etc.)

4. For each job description, highlight and review the key qualifications, skills and preferences they are looking for.

5. Research the company/organization online. Review their mission, vision, values, the work they do.

6. Think about your own experience, skills, interests, values and personality. Ask yourself the following questions as read through each job description:

  • What more do I need to know about this position before applying? How could I find out more?
  • Based on my background do I meet the qualifications and/or preferences listed in the job description?
  • What are my strongest qualifications?
  • What areas do I need more development?

7. Complete and Upload the attached Job Description Research Form for EACH job description you review




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