One Word Document And One C Script 2 Easy Questions

1.You are an epidemiologist of a nation with 10 million people. This country has been lucky since there have been no Covid-19 cases so far. But unfortunately, things changed today. Your boss just informed you that they found 10 positive cases. Your boss wants to know how long it would take until the virus infect 10 % of the population based on the given Two Scenarios.

Scenario One: One Patient will infect 1.2 person in each day.

Scenario Two: One Patient will infect 0.7 person in each day.

Create a Pseudo Code that you can use to find the answer for this question.

2.Create a c script that will display the following. Name the file homework01_Pb3.c

(One empty Line – use numbers of n for this )
My name is [Your Name]
(Two empty lines – use numbers of n for this)
I am from [Your Hometown], and I am currently at [Your Current Location].

There is [Time difference between Tampa and Your Location] hour difference.
(Three empty lines – use numbers of n for this)

I want to learn programming [Your reason]

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