Online Course Discussion Team Effectiveness

Think about your involvement in a team that was either positive or negative and then use the link below to assess your team’s effectiveness. Create a pdf of your assessment results or paste it into a word document and

1) upload it as an assignment

2) post to the discussion board a description of the team you used in completing the team’s effectiveness assessment, your thoughts about the your team experience, the factors according to the assessment report that contributed to the positive or negative outcome and the role of the leader

3) reply to one post by another student (a short paragraph) (Links to an external site.)

* For #2 and 3, please write in 1st person.

* Here is the student’s discussion post below to reply.

Student’s post:

The team I used to complete the team effectiveness activity was my former high school soccer team. Through my four years of experience on the team, there were many ups and downs for us. The team stuck together for the most part however, on some occasions there issues between leadership and players.

The aspects that contributed to the positive outcomes of the assessment is the leadership that was involved. Event though some coaching decisions seemed unjustified, there were many leaders on the team that played a fundamental role in the teams spirit and morale. There were also ample occasions where players were given performance feedback and insight on how to improve in the future.

The negative aspects of the team’s effectiveness would be the occasional decisions made by coaches that were political and those who seemed to be on the “good side” of the coach staff were given opportunities that others were not. This aspect was frustrating for many players however, many stuck with the team over their high school careers and enjoyed being apart of the organization.

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