Opportunity Ocean Voyage

What to Do (and How to Do It):

Prior to beginning work on this discussion, review Chapters 5 and 6 in the text, and read the article, “A Realist Perspective of Entrepreneurship: Opportunities as Propensities” (Ramoglou & Tsang, 2016).

You and the other members of your group have been booked on a voyage across the Opportunity Ocean. Your task is to observe, identify, and photograph all the fix-it opportunities you can spot during a cruise of your personal or professional work spaces. Since we are entrepreneurs with a story to tell, we are going to do this all in stylish Web fashion with Wakelet (Links to an external site.). Here are the steps to follow:

  • While you are sailing along, write down and photograph the fixes you see at work or at home.
    • A fix is an alteration or modification to a product or service that is needed to make it work. Think of a bandage!
    • A common example is a sunshade that is inserted inside the front window of an automobile to block the sun’s rays and high temperatures from damaging the interior.
  • Collect all the photos from each of the group’s members, and select the top three fix-its that the group believes would represent a potentially valuable business opportunity.
    • Using your entrepreneurial imagination, for each of the top three fixes, brainstorm two to three possible ideas for solutions.
    • Using Wakelet (Links to an external site.), describe each of the three ideas with a brief description of the solutions generated by the group, and any barriers to implementation.
    • Consult the Wakelet Support (Links to an external site.) website for guidance in creating a collection.
    • Include an assessment of any key constraints that would prevent the implementation of the idea.
    • Save the Wakelet file and post a link to the document along with a brief summary of its contents

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