Part A Discussion Part B Reply To Two Peers Post Separately 2

Part A: Discussion

Identify a mobile application that has incorporated a location-based service (e.g., GPS) or supports some level of utility provided through the presentation of online location maps (e.g., Google Maps). Identify the functionality that is provided and its purpose.

Part B:

In response to your peers, consider the advantages and disadvantages of using maps. Evaluate designs from the basis of utility and discuss considerations of incorporation of geographical information, including additional data sources (destinations, path generation, and associated information).

Peer post 1: I think a fun app that uses GPS location is called Zombies, Run. This app inspires you to go for a walk, run or jog while playing along to a story. Once you start up the app you hear your mission and music through your headphones, if zombies start coming after you, you have to speed it up (Your heart gets racing!!!) ! During your run, walk or jog you collect supplies to help build up your base. If you like running at the gym you can still use this app. There are also over 200 Missions to complete. I think that this is a fun way to get inspired to go for a run or walk. It is a fun twist on a fitness game.

Peer post 2: The application that I chose to discuss this week is Zomato Restaurant Finder. This application uses location based services to help users find a restaurant to eat at. With the click of a button it will send you to the GPS application that you use with directions to the restaurant. Not only that another GPS function this application has is it gives the user the ability to see all the restaurants near him/her. This makes it easy for the user to select a restaurant to dine at. The purpose for this application is to give the user the choice of any place to eat at with the reviews for that location and the price range. It will also give the user a menu or a link to the menu.

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