Participation Discussion

The major project for this class is a full-scale, formal analytical business research report. This week we are introducing the report. Each week, we will master components of the full report so that you will be prepared for the larger submission. ** The Research Report must be completed with a minimum score of 75 points (50%) in order to earn a course grade of C or higher.
So you can easily find the materials covered every week, I have created a Business Report Material repository. This will be available starting in Week 3. The format of the business report can be found in Chapter 13, page 421 of your textbook.
In preparation for your report writing, answer the following discussion questions:
1.) What do you think constitutes an A in writing at the college-level? For example, the research report is worth 150 points. What do you feel would be required to earn an A for that report?
2.) Discuss your own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to writing. Be sure to include suggestions for how you can improve your weak areas of writing.

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