Physics Questions 58

Question One

5×10^23 nitrogen molecules (N2) collide with a 10.0 cm^2 wall each second. Assume all the molecules have a speedof 400 m/s, and strike the wall head on. What is the pressure on the wall?(b) A beam of hydrogen molecules (H2) is directed toward a wall, at an angle of 55◦ with the normal of the wall.Each molecule in the beam has a speed of 1.0 km/s and a mass of 3.3. ×10^−24g. The beam strikes the wall over anarea of 2.0 cm^2, at the rate of 10^23 molecules per second. What is the beam’s pressure on the wall?

Question Two

A gas consists of a mixture of neon and argon. The vrms of the neon atoms is 400 m/s.(a) What is the temperature of the mixture?(b) What is the root mean square speed of the argon atoms?(c) From what height would you have to drop an argon atom (starting at rest) so that its final energy at the groundwould be equal to the average energy of these atoms?

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