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The Marshall Plan


Marshall Gordon, who works for a large chair manufacturing corporation, has unique insight and design skills that enable him to design the best chairs on the market. However, his coworkers do not enjoy working with him. In fact, they will often leave the company to avoid him. Now, two top designers have demanded that management do something about Marshall or they will resign.


  1. If you were a top leader, how would you respond to the ultimatum? Be specific. Explain why.
  2. What is Marshall missing with respect to his leadership abilities? How do you explain his poor leadership behavior?
  3. If you were Marshall’s manager, how might you increase Marshall’s awareness of the negative impact he is having on his team? How would you guide him toward better team leadership, sharing his knowledge with others, and mentoring his team members?

Consolidated Products


Consolidated Products is a medium-sized manufacturer of consumer products. Ben Samuels was a plant manager who was well liked by employees. They were grateful for the fitness center, picnics, and holiday parties. Ben believed it was important to treat employees properly so they would have a sense of loyalty. Under Ben, the plant had the lowest turnover but the second worst record for costs and production levels. He was asked to take early retirement and Phil Jones replaced him. Phil had a reputation as a manager who could get things done. Supervisors were instructed to establish high-performance standards. Costs were cut by trimming the fitness center, picnics and parties, and training. Phil believed that if workers did not want to work, the company should get rid of them.


  1. Compare the leadership traits and behaviors of Ben Samuels and Phil Jones.
  2. Which leader do you think is more effective? Why? Which leader would you prefer to work for?
  3. If you were Phil Jones’ boss, what would you do now?

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