Please Do An Essay 500 Word With 3 References

Please do an essay, 500 word with 3 references no more than 5 yrs

*********important , do not copy exactly any sentences from the internet or any other resources , also the references please make sure that are original citation not elaborated ***** because the last time I got 0 due plagiarism from internet too high. ************

People of Baltic Heritage.

People of Brazilian Heritage

Read chapter 26 and 27 of the class textbook and review the attached PowerPoint presentations. Once done answer the following questions, enclosed power point and textbook

1. Which countries are known as the Baltic nations?

2. Discuss how the Baltic nations view the delivery of evidence-based healthcare and their beliefs related to health and disease.

3. Give an overview of the Brazilian heritage, how do they see health and disease and if there is any similarity between them and the Baltic nations.

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