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Module 1 – Getting to Know Each Other (discussion

Getting to Know Each Other

Initial post due Monday, June 22 at 11:59pm | Two replies due Thursday, June 25 at 11:59pm


Welcome to our online learning community. During our course, we will build supportive relationships and become a family of teachers and learners who care about and support each other’s success in this class. This discussion assignment is your opportunity to introduce yourself and get to know who you will be working with for the next 6 weeks!

Initial Post

Please include the following information in your initial post (Due Monday by 11:59pm):

  1. Your preferred name , the city you live in, your major or educational goal, and describe an activity you like to do in your free time.
  2. Describe your emotions surrounding this online math course. Do you feel excited? Nervous? Explain why.
  3. What motivates you to work hard? Why?

To make your initial post, click on the “Reply” button below. A text box and menu will appear for you to type in. Then press “Post Reply”.


By Thursday at 11:59pm, reply to two of your classmates’ posts. In your reply:

  1. Identify something you have in common with your classmate.
  2. Offer words of advice, support, or encouragement for their feelings about taking this course.

To reply to a classmate, click on the “Reply” button at the bottom of their post and type into the text box that appears.

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