Pol Sci 21a Week 4 Discussion Political Parties Reply

Please reply my classmate below, and just write about 100 words. Thank you.

Student 1:

  • Do you think that increasing partisan polarization is harmful for the United States? Why? If not, why not?

I think that the increasing partisan polarization is harmful for the United States. Parties various from each other because of some of their core ideologies are different. Within one parties, each member have various ideas as well. When one is nominated to represent one party to run for president, he/she will have unique perspective of how they want to run the government if elected that are different from other people in the same party. Citizens vote because they agree with one candidate’s ideology and they believe they put the country in good hand. When they become more partisan polarized, they are more likely to vote based on which party the candidate is from but not based on their ideology. This can lead to result that the president or president candidates focus less on how to cooperate both parties’ desire and only aim to please one party’s voters. This won’t benefit America as it is being tearing apart. Moreover, these actions will anger the other party. When one is elected, the not elected party will be very unhappy and possibly lead to social turbulence. (See Thailand for example)

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