Problem 1 3

Everyonehas been involved in projects. What is the largest project you havebeen involved in? (You do not have to have been the project manager, butcould have played another role.)

  1. Write one sentence that describes the objective of the project.
  2. Describespecifically how this project meets the definition of a project used inthis textbook. (How is it unique? What were the time constraints? If itis over, how did you know it was over? If it is ongoing, how will youknow when it is over?
  3. What was your role? Were you the project manager, a volunteer, some other role? If you were not the project manager, who was?
  4. Was the project part of a larger portfolio or program of projects?
  5. Who else was involved?
  6. What was the budget?
  7. Didyou anticipate any risks at the outset? Did the project experience anyoutside forces that caused a change in either the objectives or theapproach to achieving those objectives?

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