Professor Reply 4

Do you think all patient have enough education and understanding to choose what they want in health care?

Do you think enough information is available o the consumer to decide what is best for them?

How would you help the disadvantage populations that are illiterate? do not own or understand computer? etc. to make decision?

please respond to the following question 100 words one reference total

questions are in reference to the following discussion:

Five things to change concerning health care system include:

  • Incentives elimination.
  • Government spending on patient care.
  • Allow patients to choose what is best for them.
  • Let individuals buy Medicare from their tax returns.
  • Let regions and states have more discretion.

The most important thing to change concerning the healthcare system will be for the government to spend more on patient care. This would be a priority since healthcare is mainly focused on providing proper healthcare to patients. Some individuals cannot afford healthcare services, and it is unfair since the government is in a position to intervene and ensure that people get cheaper health care services (Nichols, 2012). Second, it would be to eliminate incentives so that the funds are channeled to patient care (Dahlborg, 2020). Third, it would be to let individual regions and states have more discretion. This will enable them to have the freedom to decide what is best for them in a particular situation. Fourth, it would be to let the people buy Medicare from the tax returns since now all people will be able to access Medicare. Lastly, patients should be allowed to choose what is best for them. The patients should be able to choose which coverage they think is best for them.

To encourage the changes to occur realistically, I would not accept incentives from the healthcare institution for the work that I do because that money can be channeled to the patients to improve medical care. I would also be asking the patients what they think is best for them so that they get the care that they expect and want to get. Collectively as a profession, I would present the changes that I think are best for the institution and also to the whole healthcare system to the relevant authority for review and possible implementation.


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Nichols, L. M. (2012). Government intervention in health care markets is practical, necessary, and morally sound. The Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics, 40(3), 547-557.

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