psychology question research

Picking Your Topic IS Research! (Links to an external site.)Picking Your Topic IS Research!


1. Video Lecture – Picking your topic

2. Handout – What makes a good research topic?

What makes a good research topic? .docxPreview the document


Part 1

1. Watch the video lecture provided.

2. Read the handout provided. (Excellent examples! )

3. Respond to the questions listed. (These are the same questions used in the examples )

4. Write the questions in RED and the answers in BLACK

Part 2


  1. Issue (Broad)

What is the issue or overall topic that interest you?

  1. Research Question(Narrower)

What is a specific research question you want to investigate?

  1. Underlying Problems(s)

What is the problem that makes your question worth investigating?

Is this an actual problem or an assumed problem?

  1. Social Significance?

Does your Problem have social significance? Will it help to improve or understand society?

  1. Proposal/Solution

What is your proposal for addressing this problem?

Is your proposal both arguable and feasible? (Is it realistic? Is it possible to achieve?)


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