Quick Question For Art History

Which of these did Dio Cassius not see the barbarians of Scotland as lacking?

Group of answer choicesbravery.

cultivated land.



Rome’s sense of itself as a “commonwealth of the civilized” originates with

Group of answer choicesHadrian.

the empire.


the conquest of Greece.

The various tribes regard it as their greatest glory to lay waste as much as possible of the land around them and to keep it uninhabited. They hold it a proof of a people’s valour to drive their neighbours from their homes, so that no-one dare settle near them. No discredit attaches to plundering raids outside tribal frontiers.

Julius Ceasar is describing

Group of answer choicesthe Germanic tribes he fought.

the Romans before the republic.

the French tribes he fought.

his Spanish allies.

In the Aeneid, Virgil said that Romans must

Group of answer choicesspare those who submit.

crush all enemies.

overthrow all foriegn traditions.

measure the stars in the sky.

Before Constantine adopted Christianity, Roman legions marched under symbols of

Group of answer choicesJupiter.

their home towns.


their generals’ families.

Others shall hammer forth more delicately a breathing likeness out of bronze, coax living faces from the marble, plead causes with more skill, plot with their gauge the movements in the sky and tell the rising of the constellations.

Virgil’s “others” are

Group of answer choicesGreeks.




Before Constantine adopted Christianity, Roman emperors were thought to

Group of answer choicesbecome gods after they died.

have secretly practiced Christianity.

have forbidden the worship of foriegn gods.

have been the sons of goddesses.

When Christianity came to dominate Rome, artists

Group of answer choicesbegan to make things for Christian use.

had to seek clients outside of Rome.

changed their style to match Christian beliefs.

became bishops.

In the Pantheon, which is not concrete?

Group of answer choicesthe porch columns.

the foundation.

the dome.

the wall.

These boxes are called

Supporting Materials

  • /

Group of answer choicescoffers.




The inscription on the Pantheon says

Group of answer choicesAgrippa built it.

Hadrian built it.

the temple of all the gods.

Santa Maria ad Martyres

The weight in the dome is not relieved by

Group of answer choicessteel reinforcement.

tufa aggregate.

pumice aggregate.

a thinning cross-section.

Romans did not make forms for concrete out of

Group of answer choicesiron.




The floor of the Pantheon is kept dry by

Group of answer choicesdrains.

glass in the oculus.


the fact that it does not rain in Rome.

Which is not used in the Pantheon?

Group of answer choicessteel.




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