Ranj Id Assignment

week 1 deliverable (assignment 1)

1) Download data into directory where you can reach it with Octave. Data has bi-daily prices in rows for 2481 US stocks (columns) from 2005/12/19 to 2020/08/07 : open_close_20051219_20200807_d.mat

2) Exercises for Octave:

A) use load command to load the data into workspace:


B) find minimums and maximums for each column: mn = min(D);

mx = max(D);

C) normalize data to range 0 to 1, by running:

d = (D – mn) ./ (mx – mn);

D) normalize the data from 0 to 100.

For the submission

Send in the plain text the commands you used in part 2). Solution lines are provided already for A), B), and C). There is no solution for D) part.

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