Read And Write It

Read this opinion piece in the Washington Post by Eugene Robinson (Links to an external site.). Take notes over his rhetorical strategies.

Write a paper of about 500 words (at least four paragraphs) analyzing the effectiveness and rhetorical strategies of the piece using your notes to analyze the rhetoric or argument. Consider audience, context (what happened that caused him to write this?) and writer, and look at rhetorical strategies and appeals and how they are used.


  • Evidence in the form of quotes from the article,
  • Internal citations for those quotes
  • A Work Cited with ONE source–this article

Student should write MOST of the paper–be sure your Turnitin match is not more than about 20%. Submit the day before to check it and fix it if necessary.

Submit your document as a PDF (you have Adobe available through your HCCS email portal.) It will automatically be submitted to Turnitin, so no class code is needed.

Before you submit

  • Read instructor comments on any previous assignments related to analysis.
  • Read Writing a Thesis for Rhetorical Analysis.
  • Read Organizing Analysis.
  • Read the Sample of Rhetorical Analysis.
  • Read the rubric at the bottom of the assignment.


Your instructor is aware this is an intensely emotional issue, and one about which I’m sure you all have opinions. But remember the goal of your analysis–discuss WHAT the writer was trying to convey and HOW he conveyed it. DON’T write your own argument.

Feel free to click on the link to Robinson’s bio, and use it in your paper if you like. However, don’t quote it. Just sum it up if you need the information. You SHOULD NOT use a second source.

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